Friday, June 09, 2006

A Conversation Between Elderly Gentlemen at a Barbershop 20 years after a Giant Mechanized Penguin Destroyed Much of Their Small Town

“Remember that damn Penguin?”
“Hell of a thing. Hell of a thing.”
“Just came out of nowhere, big metal bastard.”
“Damn hell of a thing.”
“I mean Tommy Anders never did nothin to no goddamn Penguin.”
“Sure didnt.”
“You want it long on top?”
“How’s this look?”
“Just fine.”
“Goddamn that was a big Penguin.”
“Hell of a thing.”

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Arod McFoolish said...

Really dug this too man. Also liked the choppy sentences, the claustrophobia amidst apocalyptic vastness. Another sweet little vignette.

Seriously though, would it freak you out if I told you I dream this every night?!?!?!