Saturday, October 30, 2010


I spent the day today really trying hard to write something for a reading I have coming up. I didn't write one word. Not even one. I stared at my computer for 8hours.

So then I started to think "I don't need to write anything new. I have a deep well of short stories to draw from over on the blog." I have nothing. Five years of nothing. Beyond having a general disdain for most of the things I've written - the things I like aren't finished.

I spend 45 minutes or so googling "Why can't I finish anything" and then decide that I need professional help. Phooey.

I roped Amanda into the situation. We've written up a contract.

I will finish these Five Stories:

1 - Sherpa
2 - Spinning Disc
3 - Gravity
4 - Shoebox
5 - Sharpshooter

By 2/9/10.

For each story I do not finish, I will pay Amanda one hundred dollars. She is not allowed to use this on anything that I will benefit from.

I also need to work on Penny during this time and work out something for the Flat Earth Collective reading next month.

$500 in the pot. I just need to not be a fucking waste to get it back.

- one foot feet.

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