Tuesday, October 25, 2005

place holder

Ian and Shane was largely finished yesterday. I've got a few pages left and I'll post it. Then I'll edit it and repost it. I sorta hit a snag. Endings are hard for me, I get attached and I suck at feeling satisfied with conclusions. I don't really know why I'm writing this right now as I'm fairly sure nobody is checking this with wild abandon or even any regularity.

I'm hoping to finish up the writing tonight. Then maybe edit it tonight also. And then I'm going to start from the bottom of this page and work my way up on finishing everything. I believe that Sherpa is next in line. Then I'm going start posting pages of something else I've been working on that I like very much and is different from everything here. More serious. A little sad.

Also worth noting is that at the moment I smell pretty awful.

My feet are seriously One Foot Long,

One Foot Feet

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Arod McFoolish said...

Screw you pal, I'll have you know that I check for updates constantly, and when I saw this one, I'm not gonna lie, I pooped a little. Bit of a turtlehead. Can't wait for the updates.