Monday, December 31, 2007

New Years Resolution

This should be ignored/forgotten by January 18th or so. I give my supreme dedication and focus exactly 18 days to turn into a half-assed nap on the floor. But here's one of my new years resolutions:

I have entirely too little in this blog. My idea is to write 52 stories this year. One a week. I don't know what any of them will be about. I will post one story a week. Probably on sunday nights. One year from today, I will have either 52 peices of original fiction, or a few less if I get particularly attached to a story and decide to run it into a two parter. I imagine this will come in to play around week 28, when I turn to old Lassie episodes for inspiration and to flat out steal. Also, around this time many of my stories will involve two very beautiful characters named Ross and Rachel. One of them has a monkey, the other one has preternaturally hard nipples, and will they get together? Won't they? Who knows? Stay tuned, dear readers, stay tuned.

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