Sunday, April 23, 2006


More filler.

Breakfast with Jerry, Thomas and Belkin the Conqueror

“Hello, love, what’ll ya have”
“I’ll have eggs over easy, a side of bacon.”
“What kind of toast?”

“And for you, sweetie?”
“I’ll have the eggs a la king, a side of home fries and another cup of orange juice.”
“What kind of toast?”
“You got it.”

“And for you”
“You will bring me the head of Eric the Red!”
“What kind of toast?”
“English muffin!”
“You got it, I’ll be back with your orders.”


Arod McFoolish said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Very nice. Belkin gets me every time.

Kevin Collier said...

If you've made a Tom and Jerry joke, it's lost on me.

Anonymous said...

That is pretty funny