Friday, April 07, 2006

A better scene for developing King Kong’s Character in the movie King Kong:

(Setting) The top of a beautiful tropical mountain. The sun is setting. Far below trees wave gently in the wind. The mountain range flows off to the right. The great ape and Anne Darrow sit facing the setting sun, sharing a beautiful moment:

Anne: (Looks at the resting beast after his 3 tyrannosaur battle. He’s wounded and tired. He sits with his hands in his lap just beyond his overfull belly. It rises gently as he breathes. She looks back at the sunset. Then again at the beast.)
Kong: (Kong looks carefully down at her, moving only his eyes. He regards her gently, it’s as though he loves her.)
Anne: It’s Beautiful. Beautiful. You know? (She touches her heart and gestures towards the sun as she attempts to translate the idea of beauty to the beast.)
Kong: (Looks at Anne again. Sighs sharply and scratches his belly.)
Anne: (Touching her heart again, she stares at Kong and says) Beautiful. Beautiful.
Kong: Smashes Anne Darrow with left hand.


Arod McFoolish said...

Bravo, good sir. You are indeed a new man. Incredible restraint shown by avoiding a poop-flinging scene.

tacho said...

primatedly funny